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Our Goal

The CommToZero coalition wants to promote a better and more sustainable consumer behaviour by being a part of, and a champion for, the global Race to Zero - more specifically in line with the Paris Agreement and European Green Deal - and encourage best practices throughout the marketing value chain.


The coalition

Since the beginning of the year 2022, we are thriving to make our industry a better and more sustainable place. To be able to join communication and sustainability may appear contradictory at first. However, we are convinced that the communication industry has a role to play in the ecological transition, where the message we portray will have a positive outcome on the way people buy, think, and behave. As a bridge between the corporate world and society, we have a duty to assure the messages that are exposed are in line with the impact we want to have on our blue planet. 

 As a small part of the industry has already taken active steps towards sustainable ways of working, we are willing to help and inspire those who lack behind and wish to have the power to do good in their everyday practices. 

 Even though the agencies have a role to play in this challenge, they are only a small part of a big value chain. This is how we have started our journey to reconcile the whole communication industry towards one objective to lower our carbon emissions at once and prevent any greenwashing. 

 From there has emerged a coalition that connects actors from advertisers to media owners, going through agencies and producers. 

Our commitments

  • Scale

    The capability of marcom organizations to lead for climate action, by providing tools and guidance for all stakeholders.

  • Harness

    The power of marketing communications to drive more sustainable consumer behaviour.

  • Reinforce

    a trustworthy marcom environment, where sustainability claims can be easily substantiated so that consumers can trust the marcom messages they are presented with.

  • Build & Update

    A platform from & for the Belgian marcom sector, based on its’ two responsibilities as an industry to build a route towards zero greenwashing and zero carbon.