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Our experts

Our mission is to help our industry become carbon neutral and promote sustainable consumer behaviours.  We can’t do this alone. Our initiative – CommToZero – supported by 18 different partners – is supported by experts in the field. Two main ideas were prominent. We want expertise to support our members, and we want companies to be able to learn. That's why CommToZero teamed up with The Ecological Entrepreneur and Carbon+Alt+Delete to encourage, inform and guide your company towards sustainable net zero change, with the development of an In-house Carbon Academy. 

The Ecological Entrepreneur

Realising sustainable progress by bringing economy and ecology together. With this belief, The Ecological Entrepreneur guides organisations towards having a positive ecological impact in a feasible timeframe. This is necessary to maintain our current level of prosperity and well-being and to protect natural capital. Every stakeholder is part of it, influencing the system and ultimately the state of our planet. The Ecological Entrepreneur helps companies become sustainable, by guiding them from ‘zero effort to zero carbon’. 

  • Sustainability workshop

    What is sustainability? How do people in your company think about sustainability?

  • Carbon and/or Impact Analysis

    What is your current ecological impact?

  • Sustainability Strategy

    What strategy will you roll out, and towards which goals?

  • Roadmap & Implementation

    What actions will you take in what time frame?

  • Reporting & Communication

    How will you communicate about these actions?

  • Sustainability as a Service

    How will you implement these actions?


To help companies measure their greenhouse gas emissions in an intelligent and organised way, Carbon+Alt+Delete has created a carbon accounting platform to keep track of everything. As a group of Ph.D. engineers eager to tackle climate change, they developed carbon accounting software specifically for sustainability experts.

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